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Birth certificates for concrete constructions

For the operation and maintenance of concrete structures we have at the Expert Center prepared a template for a so-called "birth certificate" - a document which in a clear manner gathers information about a construction’s original design as well as the results of an inspection of the newly built construction. The document includes information regarding deviations and various execution errors that are encountered during the construction phase, which may be critical for the performance of the specified service life of the construction. Other specific details that are important for the durability and service life, for example information on exposure environment, cover layer and the concrete permeability, is also included as part of the document.

Such a birth certificate can be used as a useful starting point for developing a maintenance and repair strategy for a concrete structure, and the document also forms a valuable basis for comparing the current and originally intended performance of a design.

An example (in Danish) of such a birth certificate can be seen below:

DownloadBrith certificate_Underpass_Slagelse Bypass Road (5,9 MB)