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Long-term durability

Microscopic investigations have been carried out on concrete samples taken from a series of Danish coast bridges with the purpose of studying the effects of long-term exposure of concrete structures to a marine environment. The following bridges were included in the investigations (Danish names are given in brackets):

  • Vejle Fjord Bridge (Vejlefjordbroen)
  • Alssund Bridge (Alssundbroen)
  • Farø Bridges (Farøbroerne)
  • Storstrøm Bridge (Storstrømsbroen)
  • Øresund Bridges (Øresundsbroen)
  • Vilsund Bridge (Vilsundbroen)
  • Oddesund Bridge (Oddesundbroen)
  • Hadsund Bridge (Hadsundbroen)

Results from these investigations have been collected in datasheets containing data obtained by optical microscopy, as well as scanning electron microscopy (SEM) in combination with Energy-dispersive X-ray (EDX) spectroscopy:

DownloadDanish bridges_microscopic investigations (12 MB)